A picture in Café Atlanta with a story

Yesterday I sat in the pub, at Café Atlanta in Arnhem. My eye fell on a picture on the wall.

Two tanks drive through a street. I asked the bar owner the story behind that picture. Guurt (the owner of Atlanta) told me the story. And gave me an e-mail.

Mike Ward from Canada sent the following e-mail

Well hello finallly! My brother & I have been looking for this building for a couple of years now. Unfortunately we had no luck as we we searching in Nijmegen. A gentlemen in the archives over there told us to search in Arnhem and again the search began.

Using the help of Google streetview we found the builiding at last! The picture shows three Sherman tanks rolling down the war torn street of the Hommelseweg. My Grandfather, Captain Robert Murray, sits ontop of the second tank and was in command of approximately 10 other tanks at this time with the Governor Generals Horse Guards Regiment. Looking at this picture throughout the years I have often stared at the broken builidings in the background and tried to imagine what went on there and if indeed they were still standing… now I know.

Even in recent years he talked about the many horrors he had witnessed, traveling from North Africa to Italy and finally into Europe. Untill his death af few years ago he was especially haunted by the images of a beautiful blond haired blue eyed girl who was murdered by the retreating German Forces. My Grandfather left Canada as a child and returned emotionally ‘Cold & Hard’. Who was the owner of that property during the war and what was there? It now looks to be a beautiful Café with many tasty drinks. If it was like that during the war I am sure my Grandfather would have stopped for a drop of whiskey.

Photo of Captian Robert Murray

[singlepic id=89 w=320 h=240 float=left]

Go to the Vetrans Affairs Canada website in which you can view a few short videos of Captain Robert Murrays war memories.


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