World war 2 memorial planned for the “Bridge too far” in Nijmegen

The municipality of Nijmegen wants to put a plaque on the new city bridge De Oversteek to commemorate the famous passage by American soldiers on September 20th, 1944, De Gelderlander reports.

World war 2 Memorial plaque

“Thousands of people cross this bridge every day. Many Nijmegen residents know that there was a fierce battle at this place in 1944 and that 48 American soldiers were killed, but there are also many people who still do not know.” Mayor Hubert Bruls said. He wants the memorial to be installed on the pedestrian part of the bridge as soon as possible, possibly as early as May.

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Vitesse Arnhem’s new kit honours British paratroopers’ service and sacrifice

1908370_757562634301735_1282772226142461124_nArnhem released its new airborne kit over the weekend, and both the football club and the city of Arnhem still actively honour the service and sacrifice of the British 1st Airborne Division during the second world war in the Battle of Arnhem.

The kit reflects the claret and blue colours of the 1st Airborne and features a subtle image of the John Frost Bridge on the front of the shirt. The John Frost Bridge is named for John Dutton Frost, the British officer who led the 1st Airborne Division during the Battle of Arnhem.

While the Allied forces lost the Battle of Arnhem and the larger operation (Market Garden) was unsuccessful, the 1st Airbone held out much longer than expected, despite facing tanks, artillery, and mortars, and suffering heavy losses. As a result of the casualties, the division never saw combat again and was disbanded after the war ended.

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