Airbase Deelen

Deelen Airbase Museum is located at the Hoenderloseweg 10, a stunning location on the road Hoenderloo-Schaarsbergen. Appropriate because it is a former German building and was recently given the listed status. It accommodates 2 large and 3 smaller exhibition spaces, a meeting room, workshop, office, archive and an extensive library.

Airborne Museum Hartenstein

A visit to the Airborne Museum is a unique experience. The splendidly renovated and modernized building houses the world’s largest collection of militaria from Operation Market Garden. The Netherlands’ only battlefield museum allows you to see and feel what the war was really like.

Arnhem War museum 40-45

In May 1994 the city of Arnhem saw the official opening of a private war museum. The Arnhem War Museum 40-45 portrays the history of the war years 1940 – 1945 up to and including the liberation, as they were experienced in Arnhem and immediate surroundings.

Betuws War Museum

In the Betuws War museum ,,the Island” is a complete overview of this heart rending history. To see are five diorama’s in which all 16 different nationalities are processed. Weapons, photography and many personal objects are make it complete.

Fliegerhorst Deelen

The organisation and actions of the German airdefence in Holland has our special interest. The history of the Deelen Airbase with its command-buildings and radio-measurement installations are spearpoint in the investigation, daytrips, lectures and publications.

Glider collection Wolfheze

Sunday, September 17th 1944… the skies above the Netherlands are filled with aeroplanes. This day and the following, hundreds of British gliders and thousands of British paratroopers land in the fields around Wolfheze. This event marks the beginning of what we now call ‘The Battle of Arnhem’; an operation with one single goal: capturing the Arnhem bridge from the German occupational force.

Information center ‘Battle of Arnhem’

Just next to the John Frost bridge, you can find an information point about the famous Battle of Arnhem (‘A Bridge Too Far’). It is located right at the site of the battle that took place more than sixty years ago. It is not a museum, library, or archive, but provides a three-dimensional overview of the battle field.

Liberty Park Overloon

War belongs in a museum. That is the message of Liberty Park in Overloon. The museum in this beautiful wooded park and experience the occupation and the persecution, but also the resistance and D-Day.

Maas en Waals Museum 1939-1945

The Maas and Walloon Museum 1939 -1945 is a private initiative, originally a collection, housed since 1993 in a permanent exhibition space. The collection originated from interest in the Second World War in general.

National Liberation Museum

The National Liberation Museum 1944-1945 is set in one of the most beautiful locations in the Netherlands in a landscape of hills and woods. This museum, on the German border South-East of Nijmegen and Arnhem, is a place where history comes to life.

Oorlogsmuseum Niemandsland (War museum No Man’s Land)

This War museum is a foundation that deals with the situation in the betuwe during the 2nd world war.